About GMG

Changing Lives with Energy

Greater Minnesota Gas, Inc. is a natural gas distribution company, based in Faribault, Minnesota. We are committed to providing natural gas service to a variety of customers from individual households to large commercial or agricultural customers in rural communities where natural gas was not previously available.

How we accomplish that mission is what sets us apart. The ability to deliver outstanding results through exceptional customer service, collaboration, and innovation is a credit to our team’s quality and leadership. With safety always first, we pride ourselves on providing responsive, reliable service to our customers, the general public, and the communities that we serve. We have one goal – to do what we say we are going to do.

Why GMG?

At GMG, we create solutions that fit the needs of our customers and the communities we serve. We go outside the standard models and work with rural areas to bring the advantages of natural gas service to cities and towns across our service area.

Mission & Values

We’re small, we’re local and we care about the people we serve. Our culture of responsiveness means high quality customer service and problem solving without the hassle and red tape of larger companies.

“To provide clean affordable energy solutions that benefit our customers and bring value to the communities we serve, our employees, and our investors.”-Greg Palmer, CEO.