Winter Safety

Baby it’s Cold Outside!

Tips on Protecting Your Natural Gas Meter This Winter

  • Know where your gas meter is.
  • Keep your meter free of snow and ice buildup by using a broom or by hand. Never use a shovel. Never shovel snow up against your gas meter.
  • Take care when operating a snowplow or a snowblower in the vicinity of your gas meter. Never bury your meter or vents when removing snow.
  • Keep your Exhaust vents clear to ensure your gas-operated appliances operate safely.
  • Prevent heavy snow or ice from falling on your meter from overhead.
  • Maintain a clear path to the meter.
  • If you suspect any damage to your natural gas meter call us immediately to report it.

Clear Away Snow and Ice

Midwest winters cause ice and snow to accumulate around your gas meter, pipes, and appliance vents. If these become blocked by snow or locked up by ice, it can create a safety issue. Here are a few tips for keeping your natural gas meter clear:

  • Maintain a clear path to and from the meter in case of emergency.
  • Prevent melting snow from dripping on the meter.
  • Use a shovel to carefully clear the snow around the meter. NEVER use a snowblower near your gas meter or piping.
  • Use a broom or brush to gently clean snow on the meter.

Get in touch with the natural gas safety team at Greater Minnesota Gas to report a leak or get your safety questions answered.

Call Before You Dig

Are you utilizing the Gopher State One Call 811 system? You must call in locates at least two business days prior to doing any digging on your property. By following this important step, you will prevent service interruption for both you and your neighbors.


Safety Tip

Always leave at least 18 inches of clearance around your gas furnace & water heater, and at least 6 inches around gas stoves and clothes dryers.