New Homes Program

Are you a builder or developer? We want to partner with you!

Greater Minnesota Gas, Inc. offers free energy code compliance services and additional rebates for measures that improve energy efficiency when you build a new home in our service territory.

Services include:

  • Free blower door testing and duct leakage testing as required under Minnesota’s new energy code when you include a 95% AFUE or better natural gas furnace and an HRV/ERV (with 60% or more Sensible Recovery) in your new home
  • Recommended improvements in the home’s building shell for immediate improvement and/or future reference
  • Get $200 for building a base level efficient home*, and get additional rebates for EACH of the following energy efficiency improvements.

Conservation Measures

*Get started with these base qualifying measures:

  • Gas heating system, at least 95% AFUE
  • Heat Recovery ventilation, at least 60% SRE HRV
  • Minimal air sealing (below 3 ACH50-basic code compliance)

Rebate amount for tighter homes:

  • 2-2.49 ACH50  $100
  • 1.5-1.99 ACH50  $400
  • 1-1.49 ACH50  $700
  • <1 ACH50   $1,000

More efficient gas heating system:

  • 96% AFUE $50
  • 97% AFUE $100

More efficient gas water heater:

  • .67 UEF $100
  • .90+ UEF $300

Other Rebates Offered:


  • Natural Gas Fireplace with Electronic Ignition $100
  • Energy Star Certified Natural Gas Clothes Washer $25
  • Energy Star Certified Natural Gas Clothes Dryer $25
  • Energy Star Certified Natural Gas Dishwasher $25
  • Efficient windows (U value<.27) $200
  • Walls insulated to R21+ (climate zone 6) or R22+ (climate zone 7) $50
  • Smart Thermostat (all models listed on the website will qualify) $100
Builders will receive a blower door and/or duct leakage report from their energy tester when they pass the code compliance leakage test(s), which they can submit to their building code official for compliance purposes. Even if your home does not pass the code compliance test(s), you will receive information on how to improve the home’s air tightness and can receive a standard furnace rebate from GMG instead.

To learn more about standard furnace rebates, visit our Residential Rebates page.

Neither Greater Minnesota Gas, Inc. nor the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) is responsible for the builder’s failure to comply with energy code. Please check with your local building code official on their requirements.

Please call our trusted partner Center for Energy and Environment with questions and to sign up: Phil Anderson at 651-789-5713,

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