Residential Rebates

GMG offers a variety of money saving rebates for new and converted natural gas appliances to help make your home as comfortable and energy efficient as possible.

Water Heater

    • .62 EF + tank water heaters $125 or .82 EF or higher tankless water heater $125

Forced Air Furnaces

    • 92% + AFUE: $100


    • 85% + AFUE: $100
Water Heater

    • .64 UEF- .66 EF tank water heater: $100
    • .67 UEF or above tank water heater $150
    • .90 UEF or higher tankless water heater: $250
    • Indirect with boiler>90% combustion efficiency: $200

Forced Air Furnaces

    • 95%+AFUE (NEW HOMES ONLY): $100
    • 94-95.9% AFUE: $200
    • 96%+ AFUE: $400


    • 94%+ AFUE: $400
    • 95%+ AFUE (NEW HOMES ONLY $100)

If your home is in need of weatherization and insulation improvements, simply request a Home Energy Audit. If improvements to your home are recommended, you may qualify for the following rebates to cover the costs. You will also enjoy lower energy costs and increased comfort for years to come!

Attic Insulation:

    • $600 or 50% of the measures cost, whichever is less.

Wall and basement Insulation:

    • $800 or 50% of measure cost, whichever is less


    • $100

Air sealing only:

    • $300 or 50% of measure cost, whichever is less


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Energy Efficiency Tip 

Heating season is winding down, and your furnace is finally getting a break! Don't use that as an excuse to leave your furnace filter in longer than recommended. Continue to change your filter regularly to prolong the life of your furnace and keep it running efficiently.