Energy Assistance & Gas Affordability Program (GAP)

What is EAP?

Minnesota’s EAP helps pay for your heating costs and is free to income eligible households. The program is federally funded and administered by the Department of Commerce and administered by local EAP providers. Payments for energy bills are sent directly to GMG on your behalf.

  • Open to both Homeowners & Renters
  • You may be eligible for furnace repairs or replacement.
  • Prevent disconnection and assistance with reconnection of services.

To apply for EAP, you can request an application or find your local EAP provider.

EAP eligibility is based on household income.

2024 Maximum EAP Income Guidelines

Based on 50% of State Median Income (SMI) for household sizes 1-16 and on 110% of Federal Poverty Guidelines for household sizes 17-20.

What is GAP?

Gas Affordability Program (GAP)
Customers who qualify for Energy Assistance may also be eligible to receive additional funds through GMG’s Gas Affordability Program (GAP). This program helps customers better manage monthly energy costs.

How does it work?

GAP is offered by GMG and is administered in conjunction with the Energy CENTS Coalition (ECC). To be eligible you must first qualify for Energy Assistance.  Once qualified, simply fill out the online application. If you would like a paper copy, please download the printable application below, complete it, and send it to Energy CENTS Coalition at 823 E 7th St, St. Paul, MN 55106.

Once qualified, an affordable monthly payment plan will be set, and you will be automatically enrolled in that payment plan. If you make the payment on time each month, GMG will issue an affordability credit toward the balance on your account.

If you have a past due balance, GAP can also help. A portion of your preset amount will go toward that past due balance and if you may the payment on time each month, an additional credit will be applied toward your balance on account.

If you miss two (2) payments, you may be disqualified from the plan.

Existing customers must be requalified on an annual basis.  Funds are limited and are only available on a first-come, first-served basis. please apply today!