Residential Programs

We make it easy for you to find simple ways to add comfort, save money, and reduce energy use in your home.


Home Energy Audit

Schedule an appointment with one of our Energy Auditors and they will conduct a detailed energy analysis of your home. The audit will assess house tightness and efficiency of insulation and heating equipment in your home.

During the audit, a Building Performance Institute (BPI) trained auditor will install energy-saving measures where needed, including:

  • Programmable thermostat
  • Low flow showerheads
  • Faucet aerators
  • Door weather stripping.

In addition, auditors will reprogram existing thermostats and lower thermostat settings on water heaters that are set above 120 degrees. Upon completion, you will receive a customized analysis and report specific to your home.

In addition to showing you simple ways to reduce energy costs, we will assist in larger savings opportunities by helping you determine any next steps that would be beneficial for your home. The Auditor will answer any questions and review the over $900 in rebates available from GMG that will help you save money.

It’s easy, convenient and costs just $50, which is credited back to you with any rebate work completed.

If your income level is preventing you from receiving this service, learn more here.

Efficient Water Measures Program

Do you have a shower or sink that wastes water? If you have older fixtures the answer is probably yes—and your dollars are going down the drain!

Our Efficient Water Measures program is free and we deliver the materials right to your home. We will send you a set of new fixtures for your shower, bathroom sink, and kitchen sink complete with simple instructions on how to install them yourself. This program is free to GMG customers but supplies are limited. Call today to get your free materials and start saving money through our Efficient Water Measures program.