Commercial Services

We make it easy for you to find simple ways to add comfort, save money, and reduce energy use in your business.


Programmable Thermostat

Does your business still use a non-programmable thermostat to operate your gas heating system?

If you do, GMG has a special program that will provide and install a new programmable thermostat for free. Our technician will also perform a bill analysis and review space heating and ventilations systems for inefficiencies and upgrade opportunities. The free service will also help identify efficiency improvement opportunities in other gas consumer systems. The technician will provide an initial report analyzing your annual gas consumption and a follow up report that describes the most cost-effective opportunities to address any needed upgrade your systems. They will also help you identify and obtain any available money saving rebates from GMG.


Commercial Boiler and Furnace Tune-Ups

GMG wants to help keep your heating systems in tune and running efficiently. We provide rebates equivalent to $.40 per MBTUh for system tune-ups. All commercial gas space heating systems are eligible for this rebate regardless of size. The rebate will be processed and sent directly back to you when you fill out the application and include a copy of the contractor invoice.

The program is available to customers every two years.


Does your business need an upgrade on equipment?

Do you own or manage a business? Are you concerned about energy efficiency for your church, agricultural business or facility? GMG can help. Our programs provide custom energy rebates to our commercial clients.


GMG rewards customers for upgrading equipment and saving energy!

Gas for heat and processing takes up a lot of your business’s revenue. Greater Minnesota Gas can help pay for efficient equipment and improve facilities. We will work with you to identify your biggest energy consumers, craft the solutions, and customize rebates on the equipment and improvements you need no matter how big or small.