Meter Maintenance and Safety

Natural Gas Meter Maintenance and Safety

Smell a leak? Leave the area and contact Greater Minnesota Gas at 888-931-3411.

The first step of meter maintenance and safety is to understand the infrastructure that delivers natural gas to your home. A main pipeline runs under your street or road. It supplies fuel to you and your neighbors. A natural gas service line delivers fuel from the main to a meter attached to your home. Another line runs from the meter into your home, where it distributes fuel to your gas appliances.

Greater Minnesota Gas and our customers both play a role in keeping natural gas meters maintained and safe.

How We Keep Your Gas Meters Safe

Greater Minnesota Gas is responsible for maintaining and repairing the service line from the main to your meter as well as the meter and regulator attached to your home. Our team of professionals will visit your home periodically to inspect your meter and service line.

How You Keep Your Gas Meters Safe

You are responsible for maintaining the line from the meter to your home, whether it appears underground or on the surface, as well as the lines that distribute fuel to your gas appliances. A heating and plumbing contractor can help you maintain the lines to avoid corrosion and leaks.

Safety is important year-round. Please review our winter safety information:

To report a leak, contact us immediately by calling: 888-931-3411.

Call Before You Dig

Are you utilizing the Gopher State One Call 811 system? You must call in locates at least two business days prior to doing any digging on your property. By following this important step, you will prevent service interruption for both you and your neighbors.


Safety Tip

Always leave at least 18 inches of clearance around your gas furnace & water heater, and at least 6 inches around gas stoves and clothes dryers.