Construction Season is Underway

At Greater Minnesota Gas, the start of Summer means it’s time to get ready for your service to be installed! Crews are out and work has begun. If you have signed up for service and are waiting for installation, you will be notified by our office staff when a construction crew is coming your way. Installation of your service line is typically done by plowing, which leaves just a small cut mark in your yard. This mark will grow back together and be unnoticeable with time.

In addition to service lines, we also partner with NPL to install our gas main extension projects each year. While this does cause some visual disruption to the right-of-way, you can be assured that restoration crews will follow construction crews and restore the ROW as close to original condition as possible.

It’s an exciting time in Minnesota! Warmer weather, outside activities, and construction. We hope you make the most of your Summer. Give our crews a wave when you see them!