Minnesota Cold Weather Rule

Trouble paying your bill? Avoid disconnection.

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) created the Cold Weather Rule (CWR) to protect residential customers from facing natural gas shut-off if they cannot pay their bill in full. The rule offers extra protection from October 15th through April 15th of each year.

To avoid disconnection, or reconnect your service you MUST either pay your gas bill in full OR call Greater Minnesota Gas immediately to create and follow a payment arrangement.

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Your financial circumstances, current balance owing and any anticipated billings for natural gas will be considered when determining your payment arrangement. If a mutually agreed upon payment arrangement cannot be reached, you have the right to appeal through the MPUC.

Greater Minnesota Gas will also provide a list of agencies that may be able to offer you additional assistance. Under the CWR, special payment terms are available to customer who:

  • Apply for and receive Low Income Energy Assistance (LIHEAP) funding assistance in Minnesota, or
  • Meet set income guidelines by the State of Minnesota but do not receive energy assistance, and
  • Provide verifiable proof of income

It is important to understand that if you are not able to keep your agreed upon payment arrangement, you must call GMG to request a change. If you fail to sign and return your written payment arrangement document or make timely agreed upon payments your service could be disconnected.

You have the opportunity to have a third party notified if your natural gas service is scheduled to be disconnected. This program helps individuals who live alone, are disabled, are elderly, or cannot read English. A third party is able to make payment arrangements on your behalf, however is not required or obligated to pay your bills.

To learn more about Customer Rights and Responsibilities, get a list of Energy Assistance Agencies or request a Third Party Designation Form, please reference Greater Minnesota Gas, Inc.’s Minnesota Cold Weather Rule Brochure and Third Party Designation form below.

Cold Weather Rule Brochure 2022-2023

Visit the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission Cold Weather Rule web site.


If Your Service Has Been Disconnected…

GMG is committed to making safety a priority for its customers, for its employees, and for the general public. Therefore, certain safety precautions must be taken prior to reconnecting natural gas service at a customer location. If service has been disconnected for 60 days or more, including disconnection for non-payment, GMG requires that a licensed heating or mechanical contractor validate the integrity of the customer’s gas piping facilities prior to reconnection. GMG must receive a completed safety inspection form from the contractor indicating that the facilities are in a safe condition for the redelivery and use of natural gas. The written confirmation must include the contractor’s business name, address, telephone number, and state license/federal tax id number. The form is available for download at the bottom of this page. Or to receive one by mail, email or fax, contact our office toll free at (888)931-3411.

Upon receipt of the contractor’s confirmation, GMG will disconnect the customer’s piping at the meter and install a meter outlet valve for the customer (unless a GMG kindly reminds customers that unauthorized tampering with GMG’s equipment (including attempting to restore service to a locked or disconnected meter); or, a condition determined to be hazardous to the customer, to other GMG customers, to the public, or to GMG’s employees, equipment, or service may result in immediate service disconnection without notice. In that event, disconnection of gas service does not relieve the customer from the customer’s obligation to GMG. Please do not hesitate to contact GMG’s office should you have any questions about GMG’s reconnection policies.

Safety Inspection Form